Technical innovation meets customer devotion at Loyalty Summit CXM, your gateway to a new era of Intelligent Loyalty. A summit in the classic sense, Loyalty Summit CXM offers two days of exciting keynotes, immersive panel discussions, and deep-dive workshops in which our roster of retail loyalty executives explores cutting-edge strategies and visionary insights from across Europe. Reserve your spot today and join the ranks of the Loyalty Intelligentsia!


This year’s Summit theme of the Loyalty Renaissance is expressed in our five conference tracks:

Track 1. Data Dynamics: Unlocking Intelligent Customer Insights
into the core of intelligent loyalty as we unravel the power of data to help you understand your best customers.

Track 2. Tech Trends: Unlocking Intelligent Technology Applications
on a journey through the latest technological frontiers shaping the future of retail customer loyalty.

Track 3. Cultural Connections: Unlocking the Intelligence of Diverse Markets
the nuances of building loyalty in diverse European markets that resonate across cultures.

Track 4. Beautiful Basics: Unlocking the Intelligence Behind Loyalty Fundamentals
your team with a comprehensive exploration of the nuts-and-bolts fundamentals of successful loyalty programs.

Track 5. Unbreakable Bonds: Unlocking the Intelligence behind Loyalty Partnerships
the power of your loyalty strategy with insights into the powerful partnerships fueling today’s retail loyalty initiatives.

Join us at Loyalty Summit CXM in Copenhagen for two days of senior-level discussions and networking. We’ll be announcing our full agenda and roster of retail loyalty experts in the coming days. Until then, please explore the agenda of Loyalty Summit CXM Americas from November. We’ll see you in Copenhagen!

Announcing our Loyalty Summit CXM Co-Chairs

We’re very pleased to announce our Loyalty Summit CXM Europe Co-chairs: Charlie Hills from Mando Connect and Iain Pringle from New World Loyalty. Charlie and Iain bring a wealth of retail marketing and loyalty experience to their roles as co-chairs, and we’re excited to work with them on this year’s Summit agenda. Click on their images below to read their biographies.

Loyalty Summit CXM is where loyalty leaders across the world meet to network and discuss technology solutions, issues, and opportunities facing retailers.

Knowledge Center

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